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California Mortgage

Obtain a California Mortgage Loan using MyLoanExpert and the lender database. California mortgages tend to be larger than mortgages in many other states due to the high cost of homes and real estate. Many loans in California are adjustable so that the payments are more reasonable.

Easy Qualifying

Many times, a California mortgage loan requires reduced documentation. This may be because of the large number of self employed persons or that income is insufficient for traditional underwriting debt ratio requirements. In this case, you may obtain a loan with less documentation in many cases. If you are searching for a refinance to lower your payment or paying off credit cards, send your request above and get mortgage rates.

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We believe that when you submit your application, you will be very impressed with the mortgage offers that you receive. We’re so convinced that we offer a “Testimonial Hotline” that will allow you to share your experience with MyLoanExpert with future users of this service. By visiting our testimonial page, you may read other consumer’s experiences with Finding the right mortgage can literally change your entire financial future. That’s why it is important to get mortgage quotes through our service.

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Education about current mortgage trends and money saving tips and articles complete the content of our site. Within you will find money saving ideas that may give you information regarding the latest news that may influence the decision you take on your next mortgage. We encourage you to click through our links page and see all articles and headlines, as you become more informed about recent money saving advice.

If you are considering a refinance mortgage in California, New York, Florida, Texas or any state within the US, you may find a mortgage quote from our network of lenders. A mortgage refinance quote is available for any one of a number of programs, whether that be a 30 year fixed mortgage 15 year fixed or a shorter term adjustable such as a 5/1, 3/1, or 10/1 Adjustable rate mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing Information

Credit Score Factors for Mortgages

Credit Score Factors A credit score can be defined as a number that evaluates the possibility of a person to pay back a loan within a given period of time. When an individual is interested in borrowing money, the lender informs the credit bureau. The bureau comes up with a credit report which is aimed […]

Refinancing Terms

Refinancing Terms If you are in the market looking for refinancing options on your home mortgage, it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms commonly used. Poring over boring mortgage textbooks is not required. Here’s a look at the basic refinancing lingo to get you started. APR: Different lenders calculate the APR or the […]

Mortgage Refinance Tax Implication

Mortgage Refinance and Taxes When you own your home, you get large income tax deduction for mortgage interest. However, when you refinance your mortgage loan into a lower interest rate, you’ll pay less interest but more income tax. HAD vs. HED HAD stands for Home Acquisition Debt and HED stands for Home Equity Debt. HAD […]

Second Mortgage vs PMI

Second Mortgage to offset PMI Many homeowners find it difficult to find the funds for a 20 percent down payment on their homes. Without the down payment, it becomes mandatory for home buyers to go in for PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). The PMI has to stay in effect until such time that the value of […]

Refinancing for Self Employed

Self-employed people and refinancing While in all other ways, America encourages entrepreneurs, borrowing is one area that most self-employed people face difficulties. Be it a conventional loan or a mortgage on the home, bankers have a problem offering money to the self-employed. This is because the self-employed often show less income than their counterparts in […]

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